Angela was a delight to work with. She took all of my ideas into consideration. She helped me realize that I actually had a lot more to work with then I thought. Her passion shines through in everything that she does. I would highly recommend her to help you find ways to style your clothes in your closet!  --Carly B.

I needed help putting together outfits with clothes that I already owned.  Before we started working together, I never thought that a personal stylist would come to my house. I thought they were only in stores, like a personal shopper.  I loved that she did all the work while I did other things. I have no patience for trying to put together outfits. I got tons of great outfit ideas with the clothes that I already owned.  I realized that I DO have something to wear!  --Kristy G.

I was looking for help with organizing my clothing, and it was great seeing different ways to pair my clothing to create new outfits. I usually feel awkward/nervous about showing other people my clothes, but Angela made it fun and pressure free. She was very professional and made me feel very comfortable!  --Stephanie G.

 I know stores have personal stylists, but I didn't know someone coming to your house and working with your clothes existed. I got lots of pictures of different outfits using my clothes that I would not have put together. Putting the shoes and jewelry with the clothes was probably the most helpful. I really struggle with putting an outfit together so I feel like I got some really good ideas. --Allison W.

I was worried about our clothes (for our engagement pictures) not working well the fall colors, matching too much, and dressing in a way that made my legs look shorter in pictures. I'm pretty picky and stuck in my style, I don't usually want to step out of my comfort zone...I was worried I wouldn't look like myself. Going shopping and having clothes picked out and ready to try on was my favorite part of the process, and our photographer complimented how well our clothing colors stood out against the fall leaves!

--Nikkie A.

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