Building a Remixable Wardrobe: The Importance of Colored Bottoms

The jeans rut. We've all been there. A lot of times I find that people tend to reach for varying types of colors and cuts of blue jeans when putting together their outfits. Jeans are a great basic, but a downside to wearing only jeans is that you tend to only mix up your tops and keep the bottom half the same....which means you get fewer outfit options. If you want more bang for your buck and a more remixable wardrobe, a variety of patterned or colored bottoms is key. 

There are so many options for pants and shorts. I narrowed down the pants options and decided to show casual basics that are safe and not too scary but will still give you some versatility. 

Skinny jeans / trouser or straight-legged jeans / boyfriend jeans – The cut differentiates them.  Some of you may prefer not to wear skinny jeans, and that’s fine.  Even just between a dark washed straight-legged and boyfriend jeans, the boyfriend jeans provide a more casual feel than straight legged jeans.

Black or grey skinnies or trousers – Only a mild difference from blue denim, but sometimes the subtle difference goes a long way.  However, I’d still recommend having some options besides just blue, grey, or black pants.

Cargo pants – You may not think olive can go with many things, but it’s a pseudo-netural and can be paired with nearly any color.  What’s nice about it is that it’s not an in-your-face color, which makes them a safe yet fun option to deviate from the typical blue jeans.  I also think they’re a great option for moms because they’re durable and casual.

Colored pants – If you want to be brave, colored pants are all the rage.  Pick your color.  Everything is fair game these days.  


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