4 Tips to Look Effortlessly Put Together

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

I think we can all agree that there's a "mom uniform", right? After becoming a mom myself, I can understand how compelling it is to just throw on a comfortable v-neck tee and yoga pants or jeans and go about your day.  (Let's face it, sometimes even getting out of PJ's is a chore!) Because so much of our mental energy is taken up by a child (or two or three), it can feel like a huge hurdle to put energy into looking presentable. Below are four tips to help you look put together without a lot of effort!

1. Trade a hoodie for a knit blazer. Soft and comfy like a sweatshirt, but looks much more put together.

2. Carry a chic bag that will work in multiple situations. There are many diaper bag companies that have wonderfully stylish options.

3. Find a flattering pair of jeans. Bootcut or skinny are my go-tos, and dark wash adds instant polish. 

4. Opt for flats instead of flip-flops to complete the look. Target and Payless have great options that are inexpensive.


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